first friday feature fun (say it 3 times fast)

1 Sep

First Friday is an event that over 25 downtown businesses take part in. It is a fun time for Knoxvillians to get to know both those that are running the businesses they have come to know and love and local artists from all around Knoxville. Many of us offer free food and drinks, which if meeting us and some really cool artists isn’t enough then free belly-fillers should be. On that note…

Abode is pleased to announce the first showing of Folk Art Originals created by artist Ralph Henn. 

Folk Art Originals are individually handcrafted, one of a kind renderings made exclusively from driftwood and other discarded materials found in and around Ft Loudon lake. 

 “As an artist I like to find what is hidden in a piece of discarded wood and I never know what I will find. My technique is really pretty simple, I start by cutting out the areas of obvious decay and then simply follow where the textures and the grain of the wood leads me. I am usually very surprised about finally emerges.”  

 Come by Abode and see what has been lurking in the lake!


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