Meet Our Staff: Allison Sprouse

9 Sep

The letters have been pouring in and we know you are dying to know a little more about those smiling faces you see when you walk into Abode. So friends, I present to you: the dearest and beloved owner of Abode, Allison Sprouse.


Hometown: Baton Rouge, LA

How long have you worked at Abode: How long have I worked at Abode or on Abode? I have worked at Abode for almost 3 years (our 3 year anniversary will be in November!) Abode has been in existence (even if only in our head) for close to 5 years now. It takes a while to make thoughts/dreams a tangible reality for people to see…we are still realizing that even now!

What was your inspiration to open up a store like Abode: 
Matt and I graduated from Samford University in Birmingham AL. Before moving to Knoxville we bought several pieces of furniture from a store called “At Home” in Birmingham. The store was oozing with creativity…we couldn’t stop thinking about it. We would travel 4 hours one way to make a purchase for our home. At that point we realized that we wanted to offer a similar store (with our own twist of course) to Knoxville. The combination of offering great product at affordable prices makes us happy!

Favorite item in the store: 
That is a hard one…the “Sophie Sofa” would be my top choice (displayed when you walk in the door). It displays my personal taste…vintage with a touch of modern!

Favorite color: 
Any shade of green…really love chartreuse if I had to narrow it down

What’s one thing that makes you laugh every time: 
When Sophie and/or Hazel start laughing…they are the sweetest little things! Sophie is at an age where she says the most bizarre things – she keeps me in stitches!

Favorite Golden Girl: 
I am a Rose Nylund Girl…But I do love to say the name Dorothy Zbornack…

If you were a bug, what would you be: 
I would be a lady bug…not really an explanation for it…

Quirkiest habit: 
I am know at times to have full conversations with myself…I have to say I am very insightful and I hardly disagree with myself!

When you are not at Abode what are you most likely to be doing: 
Spending time with Matt, Sophie and Hazel. Owning a store can be all consuming at times…so it is very important to me to pour myself into my family when I have the chance

3 words to describe yourself: creative, nontraditional, hard worker

3 words to describe Abode: 
cheerful, inspirational, AWESOME!


**if you have any questions you would like added to this post and ones to follow, email us at or write on our facebook wall! we LOVE feedback 


2 Responses to “Meet Our Staff: Allison Sprouse”

  1. Blanche Deveraux September 9, 2009 at 5:52 pm #

    I can’t believe you left me off your favorite Golden Girls question! I was hot and was the fashionista of my time. I mean, take a look at any one of my blouses and you will quickly understand how I made the fellas swoon! Rose was a good time and all but she didn’t pull half the tail that I did…

    Fabulous as always,

    Blanche Deveraux


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