Abode in your abode: Leah McCall

16 Sep

If you know us, you know that we love our customers and we love creativity. So when the two come together we nearly explode with excitement! The “Abode in your abode” segment features customers who have either asked us help design a space for them or who have taken our products and done something totally creative and different than we never could have expected. 

The Story:

Leah McCall is a jill of all trades: a florist (and owner of Whimsical Gatherings), teacher, mother, and wife. Her and her husband recently purchased a foreclosure that needed to be completely redone. From sheetrock to lighting to floors, every thing has been remodeled. Our challenge was to help her create a space that has spunk, yet it still livable. Not only this but we had one big room in which to have a reading area, living/tv area, and a dining area, and it all had to flow perfectly. 

Here are some details on Leah’s space:

words of inspiration: Bright. Vibrant. Sassy. Wild. Modern. Vintage. Warm. Entertaining.

her main piece of furniture to work around was a khaki colored couch bought from another retailer. We purchased identical fabric to cover our Abode Taylor chairs.

since Leah was on a budget, as most of us are these days, we were able to incorporate pieces that she already had and then recovered them. It was so fun to use what she already had and make it so “Leah” (hence the hot pink couch!).

all of the pillows in Leah’s space were made from fabric purchased by the yard from Abode (we have hundreds to choose from).

What we loved about this project:

Leah was so fun-spirited and not afraid to go with her first instincts. Even when we were mixing teal with zebra print and hot pink she was all for it. She sure wasn’t afraid of not fitting inside the box. Thanks Leah for being so carefree and easy to work with with!

Now enjoy the eye candy…

Leah 2

how can you not love that pink couch!?

Leah 3angle #2

Leah 1would flip the picture if we could…so feel free to tilt a bit to get the full and glorious effect : )

**We want to feature YOU! Take pictures of how you have incorporated your favorite Abode purchase into your life or home and you may be our next featured customer! (email all pictures and info to AbodeIsHome@live.com)


One Response to “Abode in your abode: Leah McCall”

  1. Marianne Canada November 3, 2009 at 3:58 pm #

    Allison–what a fun space! Do you think she’d be interested in being in our locations database?

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