Meet Our Staff: Cara Grigsby

10 Nov


Hometown: Knoxville, TN

How long have you worked at Abode: Ok, let me go get my calculator! I started working at just a few weeks after we opened in 2006. I fell in love with the store and its amazing owners, Matt and Allison. It felt so much like home that I stayed until I got married in 2008 and moved to Murfreesboro, TN. My husband, Adam, and I moved back to Knoxville a year later and as they always promised, Matt and Allison welcomed me back on the Abode team with open arms. So with all of that time added together I’ve been here almost three years!

As the art director, how do you come up with your inspiration:
It usually starts out with a brainstorming conversation with Allison to see what our vision is. I also stalk a LOT of blogs. I love photography, interior design, wedding, and art blogs. If all else fails I use the mantra WWAD (What would Anthropologie Do?)!

Favorite item in the store:
So hard to choose just one! It may have to be our soy candles that when used up you can use the candle holder as a cup…ingenious. The scents are amazing and fill my entire home, and considering that I love patterns SO much the surrounding glass is like eye candy to me. skeem

Favorite color:
Definitely grey. It is such a great neutral and brings surprising warmth to a space or an outfit.

What’s one thing that makes you laugh every time:
my family! I have been blessed with family members that appreciate laughter and know how to get it out of just about anyone!

Favorite Golden Girl:
Sophia. She was so SASSY!

Quirkiest habit:
The way I arrange my pillows at night. I use at least three to create a fortress that keeps me comfortable at all possible sleeping positions throughout the night. It also makes sure that I always have enough room to sprawl. Thankfully I have a husband that could sleep ANYWHERE so he seems fine with it.

When you are not at Abode what are you most likely to be doing:
I’m also a counselor for teenagers diagnosed with chemical dependence and/or mood and behavior disorders. So, I’m either counseling, spending time with Adam, making dinner for friends, painting, or reading a good book.

3 words to describe yourself: funny, caring, and creative

3 words to describe Abode:
ever-changing, home, fabulous!


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