Pretty Pillows

27 Feb

Come hang out with us at Abode, and you’ll find that we’re all about pillows right now! What better way to soften a hard corner, brighten a dull sofa, or generally add more comfiness to your abode than to decorate with beautiful and ever useful pillows. Today we’re going to look at some ways that employees and customers have been decorating with our spring line of pillows.

Teaching an Old Sofa New Tricks:

Free is always the best, right? Well, Mary got a free sofa from her in-laws but wanted to update it. She covered it with natural cotton slip cover, but it was a bit too plain and she also didn’t like being unable to remove the back cushions when she wanted the sofa to be deeper for nap-taking and snuggling. So, she took out the back cushions, tucked the slip cover in and put three new 24″ Emma pillows on it for back cushions.

Now the living room is spring-ready with pops of orange flowers!  On particularly colorful days, some jaquard pillows snatched from a market in Provence add the gold brilliance of sunflowers to this sofa.

And some orange lotus flower tea-lights  from Abode tie the colors all together.

Two Sides to Every Pillow:

One of the things Mary liked so much about the loud orange-flowered pillows was that they were double-sided, and the other side is a lovely, subdued grey. So, when feeling a little more mellow during winter or early spring, she can flip the pillows, change out the accent pillows and have a whole new look.

A Bit of Brown, a Bit of Blue

The same pillow that Mary used to transform her living room from orange flower-power to subdued hues also looks lovely paired with some brown pillows on a white bedspread.

It also provides some color and back support on this old leather chair:

And once again, the flower tea lights accent the colors of this pillow:

And some abstract blue roses add visual interest to this brown and cream pillow:

And here the same pillow pairs nicely with some brown and cream pillows — now 50% off. Here, flowers and the look of lace add softness to a hard-lined mod chair.

A Pinch of Purple:

Purple always makes a statement, so who couldn’t love at least a little of it? Or maybe even a lot! Here, an antiqued picture of an iris accents a plum and cream throw and purple pillow — both of which are currently on sale at Abode.

At Our Abode:

A tan Auguste sectional sofa sits in the back of our store right now with a punch of gold and brown pillows to pep it up. Come sit on it and have a chat with us about how to pep up your home!

Share Your Ideas With Us:

Let us know what you’ve been doing with pillows and other decorative items in your home! We’d love to see photos of how you’ve been using items from our store. And thanks for hanging out with us at our Abode — do visit again soon!


2 Responses to “Pretty Pillows”

  1. Anna Katherine Anderson June 9, 2010 at 4:56 am #

    Hello! I was in your store a few weekends ago and I love the Emma pillows. Would you be able to send my pricing on those, I am interested in either 2 or 3 of them. I live in Greensboro NC, otherwise, I would just stop in! I loved your store and when we are back in Knoxville, I will definitely drop back in, but for right now, I guess I will just have to shop on line!

    Thank you for your help,
    Anna Anderson

    • abodeishome June 28, 2010 at 4:28 pm #

      Anna Katherine,
      I am so sorry I am just now getting back to you about the pillows. I am still learning about this blogging world, and did not see your comment until yesterday! If you are still interested in the emma pillows, we have 2 in stock right now and they are actually 10% off this week! Each pillow $34.95, so with 10% off brings your total to $68.74 with tax. If you need any more information, just let us know!
      Or feel free to call the store at 865.523.5090.

      Mollie Dry

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