Meet the staff…Mollie Dry

19 May

Hi everyone! It’s been a while since the store’s last post, but we’re back!

My name is Mollie Dry and I am so proud to say that I am the new manager of my favorite store, Abode!

Let’s get one thing straight, I may be manager now of this great store, but I admit that I have a lot to learn..specifically from you all, our customers and followers! What I would love this blog to be is just sharing of ideas, so please feel free to write us and let us know what you think, feel, ANYTHING.

Just so we can get comfortable with one another, here are a few things about me…

Hometown: Knoxville, TN  born and raised!

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor:  Peanut Butter.  I could literally eat ice cream and peanut butter every day, so this is the best combination I could have ever created. Seriously.

Favorite thing about Market Square: That I live here!  I live above Cafe 4 and love that I just walk across the square to go to work everyday.  It’s pretty ideal…

How did you get started at Abode?

I had shopped in Abode before and loved it, so I decided to apply in August of 2008.    I worked at Abode  through undergrad and then when I started the Fellows program (I’ll explain this one later!), I had to get a full-time job.  Even with a full-time job I still wanted to help out with the store, so I worked a few hours here and there. Towards the end of the Fellows program, Allison offered me the position as manager.  I was completely shocked, but this is the type of job you cannot pass up-so I accepted! And, here we are today…

What is your favorite item in Abode right now?

Our rose bud tea lights. There are so simple and pretty and look so fun in a cluster of assorted colors. Check them out at under the category “glow”

What’s the one thing that makes you laugh every time?

What doesn’t make me laugh?!  Laughter is my default reaction, regardless of whether or not it’s an appropriate time to laugh!  So, on a given day I would say that I  laugh a lot.  The picture above is from Joe and my engagement pictures, and as you can see, I couldn’t even stop laughing for the picture!  Actually, the entire engagement session looks like this picture-me laughing and Joe just looking at me.  Ha!

That is enough about me.

Until next time,



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