Say it with me, “Sheesham…Shee-shum”

28 Jun

If you’ve ever been into the store and asked what kind of hardwood we sell, I always preface my answer with “ok, it’s a doozie, but it’s called SHEE-SHAM. Pronounced She-shum.”

Its so hilarious seeing people’s reactions, because it sounds like a fictional wood I just made up in my head…

But I did not make it up, and Sheesham wood is actually an incredibly durable, yet beatiful hardwood that all of our wood pieces are created from.

According to Wiki Answers, which is a very sound reference : ) , Sheesham wood is an Indian Rosewood that “copes with the strains of everyday use”.

This definition rings so true, as all of our customers have commented on how well our Sheesham kitcken tables or coffee tables have held up in the chaos of everyday.

Not only is our line of hardwood durable, but it is STUNNING!

Here are a few of the styles we offer currently:

The Takhat Table.

This table feels the most exotic to me because of all the ornate details included.  Also, this table is the Sheesham wood in its more natural color.

Takhat carving on the chairs.

Rustic hardware adds an interesting finish to the table.

The Regalia Table.

If you are looking for grand, this is the table for you.  Its a large square table (5 ft x 5 ft) that could make an ho-hum room spectacular!

Love the pedestal in the center.  Truly unique!

The Koda Table.

This is my idea of a PERFECT family table.  When I have a family of my own, I fully intend on buying this piece! It is so homey and warm-looking!

The Extension Table.

Here is our great convertible extension table.

It may look like just your average extension table, BUT the leaflets on this actually turn into a coffee table.

Here’s how it works:

Here is the finished product…the table on its own is 63″ without extensions

Extension table

Here is the frame to create your leaflet coffee table

36" x 36" x 18.5"simply place the leaflets into the frame (they interlock) and TA DA! Your very own coffee table and kitchen table..all in one purchase!

The Pub Table.

This set would be perfect for a small nook used for a quick bite!

The whole set  just happens to be on sale right now for $592!

The Pub Table chair, complete with grommets-my favorite detail to leather furniture.

Well, there you have it- Abode’s hardwood line!

I think we all learned something new with this post…remember “Sheesham…Sheesham”

From our abode to yours,



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