Room Service by Abode

12 Jul

What is Room Service by Abode?

Have you walked into a home decor store and felt overwhelmed?  decorating your room or house but have no idea where to begin?

We’ve seen it so many times at Abode, so we want to help!

Room Service by Abode helps take the guess-work out of creating your own Abode.

Room Service is a complimentary design service that allows our team to help you redesign one or several rooms within your house by creatively using existing items as well as bringing in interesting pieces from Abode.

We work with several furniture, rug and accessory lines that allow us to special order exclusively for our client needs. The order process allows you to have a home that is custom-made just for you!

All you need to do is identify your style for us, and then we can move forward from there!

Do you consider your style…


cutting edge style that uses avant-garde furniture


a design using historical and classic elements of past periods.  Antique inspired furniture with ornate detailing


design with minimalist approach.  Focusing on furniture with clean lines and simple construction


a room or space where all furniture and room elements reflect a specific design style


A room or space with a blend of simplified furniture and stylized accents

It’s as easy as that!

Let us know if we can help you with any home decorating needs you may have.

Contact us by email or phone.


From our Abode to yours,



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