an Abode kitchen.

26 Jul

In the spirit of getting in more Cucina products, I thought I would do a post about stylish kitchens.

So many times, kitchens are either too sterile or too cluttered…and lack any style.

Here are some chic kitchens, that we at Abode love

I love the blackboard wall in this kitchen.  Not to mention the cozy seating area!

I could easily see one of our Peddler’s Wine Racks in this kitchen.  This wine rack is so subtle yet functional.

I love the colors in this kitchen, and the globe adds a really surprising touch.

The Cucina soap would be perfect for this kitchen simply because the bottling alone is gorgeous.  The hand soap adds a fun touch of lime green to this already colorful kitchen.

This kitchen has really nice clean lines and is beautiful in its simplicity.

Our Ragalia table has a simple yet elegant look to it, and I just love the pedestal structure in the center.

The kitchen is electic, yet so smart! I would have never thought to install a library ladder in a kitchen.  Look at all that storage…

You knew I had to mention burlap at some point! Well, I think a burlap apron hanging from a wall in this kitchen would complete the look : )

From our Abode to yours,



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