First Edition: Abode in your Abode

4 Aug

The day is here- our first edition of Abode in your Abode!

The house featured in this blog post belongs to Amanda Taylor and John Black of John Black Photography.  In this edition, the home owners used Abode’s decorative Madonna wall panels and cast iron bird tealights in unique and creative ways.

Here is what the home owners had to say about Abode in their Abode:

“I was sitting out on the porch reading on the morning of our 10th wedding anniversary to see John walking out to his truck and then walking back with these huge pieces like he had hurt his back (later I found out this was his sneaky walk?!). He didn’t even know I was there – I scared the daylights out of him when I asked “whatcha got?” He was bummed that I found out early but like all men thrilled that he didn’t have to wrap them! We brought out the long table that night and had a dozen friends over for dinner – we needed some color out there (seeing as I have single-handedly killed so many flowers) I placed one of our pictures on the wall and its been there ever since! Please take note – the poser is our spoiled house elf – Dobby.”

“Our sea salt & pepper birds love peaking out among the basil and rosemary on the window kitchen sill. And in a pinch (sorry for the pun!) we can drop some tea candles in and scoot them to the table… we love them! I’ve started giving them as gifts in baskets with gourmet salts and peppers. Everyone likes something a little different & that’s why we love to shop at Abode!”

Thank you, Amanda and John! We love the way you have used our products in your home!

Keep these pictures coming, Abode customers!

From our Abode to yours,



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