Wedding date approaching? Birthday coming soon?

10 Aug

As a bride-to-be, I feel a little disheartened that there are so few options for bridal registries…none of which offering unique home accessories.

So, along with every other couple in the wedding world, I registered at the same ole places.

But here is the good news: Abode has decided to mix up the monotony by offering a Wedding and Gift Registry!

Here’s how it works:

Step 1. Come into Abode and choose any item you heart desires

Step 2. Give us your email address and five friends/wedding guest email addresses.

Step 3. Abode will send you as well as your five chosen friends a list of the registry…just to get the ball rolling…

Then, feel free to keep sending us friends’ email addreses, and we will send them a list of your registry as well!

Step 4. Abode will also send reminder emails and keep you up-to-date on what has been taken off the registry and what still remains.

Step 5. Enjoy Abode in your abode (and then send us a picture of you enjoying all of the great Abode products! : )

But let’s not  forget that this ALSO would be perfect for an upcoming birthday, anniversary, or holiday wish list.

Think about it…you would actually get what you want this Christmas!

This registry works, no matter the occasion.

Come in and the Abode team will be happy to set up your registry (and help you pick out a few things, too!)

From our Abode to yours,



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