online magazines: a new obsession

7 Sep

I may be late jumping on this band wagon, but this is truly one of the greatest things I have discovered…in a while.  If you only knew how much money I spend and have spent on magazines…let’s just say it was enough to request a line item in the budget from my fiance.  I. love. magazines. Everything about this glossy printed material is sheer perfection in my eyes.  What I love most about magazines is that I can hold them in my hand.  I look at a picture and that is the exact coloring of a certain chair or curtain.  I can rip out pages, circle my favorites, tab inspirational looks…anything.  So, when the new online magazine fad started, I was truly turned off.  Just like the online books and Kindle craze, I was not into it.  I love tangibility, and that is just not what the new online gadgets are about.

..But here I am. Talking about online magazines like they are next best thing.  And I believe they are!

Here’s some great things about online magazines that you may or may not already know:

  1. They are FREE.
  2. You can scroll over items on a magazine page and it has a link leading to where you can buy that item.  Hello, instant gratification.
  3. They are just as well-designed as any other real life magazine

Nesting Newbies | Archive | Magazine


N.E.E.T. Magazine 019 – June 2010

Antler Magazine-Vol 3 : VINTAGE

Lonny Magazine-Home

Sweet Paul Magazine – Spring 2010 – Front Cover

If you loved Domino magazine and were truly heart-broken when it went away, you will love Lonny magazine.  The editor from Domino is now working for Lonny!

Enjoy reading your online magazines!

From our Abode to yours,


All images from my favorite blog: decor8 » Blog Archive » e-Magazine Round-Up


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