The beginning

12 Oct



In the beginning, two people started this project in hopes of bringing life to an old space in downtown knoxville.

Here are some pictures from the process of creating Abode.


Here is a picture of the owners, Allison and Matt with some of their family.


Matt and a friend created this hanging fixture from vintage wallpaper and barnwood from a family barn.


More boxes!


A lot of people ask how we did our floors, and it is really simple: we used the subfloor (plywood), stained it, and the polyurethaned it! A simple process for a really rustic look.

The  custom concrete countertops were made by a friend, John Phillips.


Here are our windows painted for the birth of Allison’s first daughter, Sophie.

And then came Hazel!



Abode’s first customers!

The tin that was put in the entrance and along the ceiling is also pulled from the Sprouse’s family barn.



If you have any questions about the creation of Abode- do not hesistate to call or email!

865.523.5090 or


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