Events at Abode

23 Sep

We love hosting events at Abode! This past Monday we opened our doors to the Knoxville Junior League for a wine tasting.  The wine tasting was a blast and I think everyone had a great time.

Here is a post from one of the Junior Leaguers, Katie Fitch, who gave us a sweet shout-out in her blog.

If you want more information about hosting an event at Abode, contact us at

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Abode featured in KnoxMoms!

8 Sep

Exciting news-The owner of Abode, Allison, and her girls are featured in the recent edition of KnoxMoms..better yet…her girls made the cover!

Here’s Hazel and Sophie Sprouse!

How cute are they?!

Click here to read the whole article and see  how Allison and her family incorporate Abode’s style in their family-friendly home.

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online magazines: a new obsession

7 Sep

I may be late jumping on this band wagon, but this is truly one of the greatest things I have discovered…in a while.  If you only knew how much money I spend and have spent on magazines…let’s just say it was enough to request a line item in the budget from my fiance.  I. love. magazines. Everything about this glossy printed material is sheer perfection in my eyes.  What I love most about magazines is that I can hold them in my hand.  I look at a picture and that is the exact coloring of a certain chair or curtain.  I can rip out pages, circle my favorites, tab inspirational looks…anything.  So, when the new online magazine fad started, I was truly turned off.  Just like the online books and Kindle craze, I was not into it.  I love tangibility, and that is just not what the new online gadgets are about.

..But here I am. Talking about online magazines like they are next best thing.  And I believe they are!

Here’s some great things about online magazines that you may or may not already know:

  1. They are FREE.
  2. You can scroll over items on a magazine page and it has a link leading to where you can buy that item.  Hello, instant gratification.
  3. They are just as well-designed as any other real life magazine

Nesting Newbies | Archive | Magazine


N.E.E.T. Magazine 019 – June 2010

Antler Magazine-Vol 3 : VINTAGE

Lonny Magazine-Home

Sweet Paul Magazine – Spring 2010 – Front Cover

If you loved Domino magazine and were truly heart-broken when it went away, you will love Lonny magazine.  The editor from Domino is now working for Lonny!

Enjoy reading your online magazines!

From our Abode to yours,


All images from my favorite blog: decor8 » Blog Archive » e-Magazine Round-Up

upcoming events: fall football, brisk nights, and stylish scarves

2 Sep

This is my absolute, FAVORITE time of year.  It cools down at nights, football starts up, the leaves change, and it seems like everything in Knoxville is just about perfect.

In honor of our first home game this Saturday (and a new shipment of scarves!), I thought we would do a little attire inspiration for you…

Our new ruffled scarves are so fun and lightweight, that they can easily be worn in all seasons!

Who doesn’t need sunglasses this time of year?!

All of that tailgating requires some stylish shades-both styles are only $14 @ Abode!

Here are a few outfits perfect game day from a few of my favorite style blogs:

From What I Wore

From Kendi Everyday

From Kramey Martin

Yay for Fall!

From our Abode to yours,


back to school basics at Abode

26 Aug

It’s that time of year again!

If you have a schedule anything like mine, August consistently equals chaos.

School starts back up, and for some reason we all feel that pull to be just a little more productive.  I get the itch to redecorate every August, mostly because this month marks and has marked the beginning of a new school year and a new dorm room/apartment room, etc!

With each new room, I just had to have all new decor to match my entirely different style from the prior year.

Luckily, Abode has plenty to offer in this department…

Abode just installed letter art similar to this picture.  You have to come see it for yourself!

Bright Curtains always seem to instantly add happiness to any room. Our bright printed curtain at Abode have the same cheeriness as these.

Here’s to controlling the chaos with these great cubbies.  Now you will never have to forget which towel belongs to you and which one belongs to your guest. Abode has this exact cubby style in stock now!

Cheers to a new school year and a new room!

From our Abode to yours,


inspirational work space

13 Aug

Lately, everyone at Abode has hit an organizing kick…

If you have ever started a Spring cleaning project, you know how addicting it can be organize every room in your house!

I personally LOVE a well-organized room, but lately design blogs have really stretched my thinking when it comes to organization.

These spaces are not only functional and put-together but also very stylish, and they have inspired me to completely rethink the  way I use my desk space….

maybe they will inspire you also!

How easy would it be to use 2 saw horses to make this desk?

Love the wire baskets used here!

If you read the text, all this person used was decorative scrapbooking or wallpaper and glue it to the clipboards.

I love the palette and the fun orange lamp!

As you know, I am obsessed with chalkboard walls..

How convenient to turn it into a huge calendar?!

Peg board and cable cords make this easy and inexpensive magazine rack!

From our Abode to yours,


For a cause

12 Aug

Hello everyone!

Here is a little note from the owner of Abode, Allison.

She, as well as everyone associated with the Austin Hatcher Foundation, would love your vote!

“Most of you all know that one of my best friend’s from college – Amy Jo – lost a her first born son to pediatric cancer when he was 8 weeks old. Out of the experience she and her husband opened a Nationwide program to help Empower children with cancer and their families, The Austin Hatcher Foundation for pediatric cancer (

I am hoping that you will join me on this simple task to help the Austin Hatcher Foundation win a $250,000 grant from Pepsi by simply texting “101703” to 73774 (Pepsi) Daily until August 31.  This is a simple way for all of you guys to help out with this amazing cause.

They have only a few days left of voting and every vote counts.   Will you please consider texting the below number once every day. This will help children and families dealing with the effects of pediatric cancer on their lives.

I am fortunate enough to have 2 healthy daughters, but I have seen first hand the devastation this disease causes on the entire family when a child is diagnosed.

Please join me in spreading the word and making a difference in these children’s lives.  You can learn more about this and vote

VOTE NOW for Hatch’s house of hope: Empowering children with cancer & their families
and help us raise $250,000

CLICK here…it only takes a second.
AND TEXT 101703   to  Pepsi (73774)”

Thank you!

From our Abode to yours,


Wedding date approaching? Birthday coming soon?

10 Aug

As a bride-to-be, I feel a little disheartened that there are so few options for bridal registries…none of which offering unique home accessories.

So, along with every other couple in the wedding world, I registered at the same ole places.

But here is the good news: Abode has decided to mix up the monotony by offering a Wedding and Gift Registry!

Here’s how it works:

Step 1. Come into Abode and choose any item you heart desires

Step 2. Give us your email address and five friends/wedding guest email addresses.

Step 3. Abode will send you as well as your five chosen friends a list of the registry…just to get the ball rolling…

Then, feel free to keep sending us friends’ email addreses, and we will send them a list of your registry as well!

Step 4. Abode will also send reminder emails and keep you up-to-date on what has been taken off the registry and what still remains.

Step 5. Enjoy Abode in your abode (and then send us a picture of you enjoying all of the great Abode products! : )

But let’s not  forget that this ALSO would be perfect for an upcoming birthday, anniversary, or holiday wish list.

Think about it…you would actually get what you want this Christmas!

This registry works, no matter the occasion.

Come in and the Abode team will be happy to set up your registry (and help you pick out a few things, too!)

From our Abode to yours,


First Edition: Abode in your Abode

4 Aug

The day is here- our first edition of Abode in your Abode!

The house featured in this blog post belongs to Amanda Taylor and John Black of John Black Photography.  In this edition, the home owners used Abode’s decorative Madonna wall panels and cast iron bird tealights in unique and creative ways.

Here is what the home owners had to say about Abode in their Abode:

“I was sitting out on the porch reading on the morning of our 10th wedding anniversary to see John walking out to his truck and then walking back with these huge pieces like he had hurt his back (later I found out this was his sneaky walk?!). He didn’t even know I was there – I scared the daylights out of him when I asked “whatcha got?” He was bummed that I found out early but like all men thrilled that he didn’t have to wrap them! We brought out the long table that night and had a dozen friends over for dinner – we needed some color out there (seeing as I have single-handedly killed so many flowers) I placed one of our pictures on the wall and its been there ever since! Please take note – the poser is our spoiled house elf – Dobby.”

“Our sea salt & pepper birds love peaking out among the basil and rosemary on the window kitchen sill. And in a pinch (sorry for the pun!) we can drop some tea candles in and scoot them to the table… we love them! I’ve started giving them as gifts in baskets with gourmet salts and peppers. Everyone likes something a little different & that’s why we love to shop at Abode!”

Thank you, Amanda and John! We love the way you have used our products in your home!

Keep these pictures coming, Abode customers!

From our Abode to yours,


Abode in your Abode

2 Aug

Calling all happy Abode customers!

We want to hear from you:

If you have an Abode product in your home (this means furniture, decorations, anything!) we want to see how you have enjoyed it!

Send us pictures of that Abode kitchen table in your dining room or that Abode rosebud tealight in your bedroom..etc..  and we will post it to the blog over the next few weeks!

All pictures can be sent to

From our Abode to yours,